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About Us

We are a small shop located in the UFO capital of Wisconsin. We carry unique gifts that are a blend of science fiction and fantasy-themed, tarot and astrology, LGBTQ+, civil rights and history-based, cloaks, capes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. There is an assortment of items to peruse: gargoyles to protect your home, rainbow socks to show your Pride, fun mugs and drinking horns, banners for your walls, towels, bags, writing journals, tarot cards and so much more. We are a destination that offers a variety of interests. Our wide range of items stems from the diversity of our family. 

We are located in the Village of Elmwood, about an hour east of St. Paul, MN, and about 45 minutes west of Eau Claire, WI. 



116 S. Main St. 

Elmwood, WI 54740


Store Hours:

Saturdays by random chance or appointment

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